一千期吉林快三走势图:Molecular Spectroscopy Consumables

From the measurement of DNA purity to characterization of the most advanced engineered materials, we provide the widest range of solutions available from one company. FT-IR, FT-NIR, UV, UV/Vis, Fluorescence, DSC, TGA, STA, TMA, DMA, Elemental Analysis — we have solutions for every lab and every budget.

Molecular Spectroscopy Consumables by Technology

UV/Vis Consumables

Our expertise in this technology means you can rely on us. Do you need a si ...

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Infrared Consumables

Accessories & consumables play an important role in FT-IR analysis. Selecti ...

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Thermal Analysis Consumables

We have continually pioneered the technologies, consumables and supplies to ...

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Fluorescence Consumables

Whatever challenge you face in fluorescence, we can help you solve it. Supp ...

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