吉林快三走势图微信版:Cell Signaling Analysis

From receptor ligand binding to intracellular pathway analysis of phosphorylated proteins, breakthrough discoveries in cell signaling a cell signal transduction are coming from laboratories that maximize high-quality results while minimizing hassle.

We enable a deeper understanding and more biologically relevant results with complete cell-based and biochemical cell signaling assays featuring innovative reagent technologies like: AlphaLISA? SureFire? Ultra?, AlphaLISA SureFire Ultra Multiplex, AlphaScreen? SureFire, LANCE? Ultra TRF, and DELFIA? TRF assays – not to mention our reporter gene assays and complete line of industry leading radiochemicals.

With our highly reliable, high-performance multimode plate readers, including the EnVision? and EnSight? systems, and automated microscope image capture analysis we provide access to a wide range of detection technologies for everything you need to bring about the next big breakthrough in cell signaling analysis.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Cell Signaling Solutions

Protein Kinase Research Reagents

Cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s research can benefit from the study of ...

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GPCR Research Reagents

GPCR research remains a widely studied area in drug discovery. As the co ...

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Microplate Readers

PerkinElmer’s portfolio of microplate readers are all equipped with mult ...

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PerkinElmer Signals Screening

Signals Screening is an intuitive, configurable, and flexible screening wor ...

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Featured Products

EnVision 2105 Multimode Plate Reader

The EnVision? 2105 multimode plate reader provides exceptiona ...

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LANCE cAMP Detection Kit, 500 assay points

LANCE? TR-FRET cAMP assay kit, for Gs- and Gi-coupled GPCR funct ...

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Phospho-AKT (Ser473) Terbium SureFire Ultra Detection Kit, 100 Assay Points

The Alpha SureFire? Ultra? Multiplex kits allow the rap ...

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Explore other Therapeutic Target Areas

Biomarker Detection

Biomarker detection has become an integral part of both disease detectio ...

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GPCR Research

G-protein coupled receptors (GPCR) are prominent targets in drug discove ...

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Epigenetic Research

The study of gene expression is opening new doors for drug discovery. Ou ...

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Protein Kinase Research

Protein kinases are key focus targets in drug discovery. Kinases regulat ...

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Protein-Protein Interaction Research

Protein-protein interaction research is uncovering new targets for drug ...

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